Our Story

We provide the community members of New York with powerful, quality food. Our founder, chi, has worked hard to guarantee the highest level of satisfaction. We make sure to provide our customers with the freshest and most trustful ingredients for their pantry. Being a proud member of the New York community, we love every opportunity to interact with our customers. Stop by and treat your body and soul! You deserve it.





The chi is previous version of Qi which mean is energy. we and our world start from energy to exist or create. Energy create whole world and we are small part of them, however, we and the world are not different from each other.  We change our world and world can change us. Do you want to be a good CHI? which mean is you want to live health life?


We have to eat every day for living. That food make our energy and our body which mean is the food become us. The food make us health and it could be make us sick. We decide every moment in our life even if we do not consider or concentrate. we takes lots of chemical compound with out food or eat lots of oils and sugar with various foods(include drinks). do you want to get better life? you should figure out and think one more time what you eat now.